Architecture can be as big as Urban Planning or as small as Furniture Design. We are not quite Urban Planners, but we have designed neighborhoods and urban spaces; nor are we furniture designers, although many of our designs incorporate built-in custom furniture. We approach architecture in a holistic manner, believing that the smallest details and projects are as important as the big ones. We like to start with the initial concepts and see them through till the end of construction and occupancy. Our passion for good design draws us together. Our respect for art & science produces beautiful spaces that reflect functional, social, environmental and aesthetic considerations.

Design for Sustainability
The concept of sustainability permeates our thought process on every project, at every level of design from schematics through construction. Whether the project is new construction or a deep energy retrofit, we are committed to providing our clients with designs - and ultimately buildings - which are sensitive to the environment.

Interior Design
The interior of buildings is how we most intimately experience spaces. Color, texture, light and furnishings are critical to fulfilling a design concept. The multitude of materials available requires a professional knowledge to coordinate a pleasing palette that will compliment the architectural design.

Lighting Design
Light, shadow & color greatly influence how we experience our surroundings. Natural and artificial lighting are an integral part of creating spaces that not only function well but that are beautiful and comfortable to be in.

Master Planning
Understanding a client’s needs, goals & vision are crucial to the success of a master plan. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen, brainstorm, and draw fast so that the scope and feasibility of a project may be studied, strategies for implementation determined, and goals realized.

3D Visualization and other Presentation Graphics
Strong graphic presentations bring a project to life. We are capable of producing beautiful hand drawings as well as sophisticated computer renderings and movies using our 3-Dimensional Cad program, Revit.