We’re on Instagram (officially!)

Published January 28, 2015 in

A few weeks back, we encouraged you to search for #kuhnriddle on Instagram to see some of what we're up to. We're happy to report that you can now officially follow Kuhn Riddle Architects on Instagram!

Music at the UUSA

Published January 28, 2015 in Community, KRA Extracurricular, Staff, Chris Farley

The community room at UUSA hosted Salt People last weekend, a band from New York city that mixes jazz, funk, pop, and cacophony. The band features a long-time friend of KRA's Chris Farley, and Chris reports that the show was great!

Students Visit Olympia Oaks in Amherst

Published December 24, 2014 in Community, Education, Staff, Aelan Tierney, Teaching

Students ranging from sixth to twelfth grade from Renaissance Magnet School in Springfield came to Olympia Oaks to learn about how Housing Developments happen. The students were participating in a one week intensive about architecture and had spent the week designing, drawing, and building models of their "dream homes." The trip to Olympia Oaks included a tour of the site and community building, as well as one residence. HAP Housing Development and Management staff talked about how these projects get funded and managed.  KRA's Aelan Tierney shared the history of the development and the core concepts of the design and then spoke about architecture as a profession.

The Flats at Village Hill

Published December 19, 2014 in Community, Construction, Staff, Brad Hutchison, Charles Roberts, Liv Wyatt

Construction is nearing completion in Northampton at the Flats at Village Hill.

Construction Begins on Long Island

Published December 18, 2014 in Construction, Staff, John Kuhn

Work has begun on the Bellport House on the coast of Long Island!

We’re on Instagram (sort of)

Published December 12, 2014 in KRA Extracurricular

Though we don't have an official Instagram account, some of us do tag photos for Kuhn Riddle. So, just search for #kuhnriddle and you'll see even more about what we do!

Top: a consultation with Chris Farley; Bottom: Convocation of blue shirts (Jonathan Salvon, Andrew Bagge, Chris Farley)

Revit Robots

Published November 14, 2014 in Staff, Andrew Bagge, Andy Grogan

We are all excited about the productivity bump we can expect with the arrival of our new 2015 Revit Robots!

A Blast from the Past

Published October 29, 2014 in Staff, Jonathan Salvon

…Via a text message. 

A couple of weeks back Brian Easler, the head-of-school at Wilbraham & Monson Academy, called to ask if I had second copy of a color drawing of the Academy’s Middle School that he was looking at in his office. The Academy wanted to give it as a gift to the building’s principle donor, S. Prestley Blake, in honor of his 100th birthday. 

I was curious but doubtful, but I asked him sent me a photo if he could (above). The drawing turned out to be a quick marker on blue-line paper elevation study I did back in 1996 as part of the value-engineering process we went through while we were designing the expansion of the existing Monticello-like building.  We didn’t create a second copy, but I was able to track down the AutoCAD file, recreate the image for him in Photoshop, and have it printed on archival paper. The Blakes have a long history with the academy, and S. Prestley and Helen Blake were the principle donors of the recently complete International Middle School Dormitory built adjacent to the middle school, a project Kuhn Riddle designed as well.  

I wonder what drawing will resurface in another 19 years?

Jonathan Salvon

What Were We Thinking?

Published October 15, 2014 in Publications

We often spend time on design competition submissions. These little booklets often include a lot of information about projects that isn't included on our website, including more in-depth descriptions of the ideas behind our projects and the many decisions from design to construction. Rather than have these gather digital dust on our server, we've made some of them available via ISSUU.  Enjoy!

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