Hampshire College - The Ken Burns Wing

New Construction
Amherst, Massachusetts

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  • Received LEED Gold from the USGBC
  • High Performance Building Envelope:  Sidewall R-Factor – 31; Roof R-Factor – 36 (continuous).  Low-E Argon-filled insulating glass and thermally broken windows.  Continuous air barrier. 
  • Passive heating through south glazing. Efficient HVAC systems with CO2-sensing demand-controlled ventilation and energy recovery, making maximum use of free cooling from outside air.
  • 4.6 KW photovoltaic array
  • Efficient lighting with occupancy and daylight sensing
  • Extensive use of recycled products in steel, wall framing, reinforcing bar, concrete and insulation
  • Low or zero-VOC paints, sealants and adhesives; Zero-formaldehyde wood panel products
  • Woodwork supplied from logging operations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council