September 4, 2013

Atkinson Building Opens

The Atkinson Building, a comprehensive medical office in Amherst, MA, held its grand opening in April. Numerous people who contributed to the project in both small and large ways had a few moments to speak about their roles in bringing Dr. Kate’s vision of a “home for health care” to reality.  The center houses not only Dr. Kate’s offices but other professionals that will work in concert with her to bring holistic care to her patients.

This building has a number of unique features for a medical office including: an exercise room and eat-in kitchen for employees, a meeting space where seminars on health issues and/or exercise classes will be held for the community, exam rooms with window seats for patients to relax on, a front porch with swing, and a PV array for generating electricity. Dr. Kate recently emailed, “Our electric bill this past month was negative!”

We wish her many happy years there serving our community.