March 29, 2023

CitySpace – Easthampton Restoration Project Nears Phase 2

A second and key phase of renovation and conversion of Old Town Hall into a center for the arts is expected to begin next month, though officials say the overall cost of the three-phase project has shot up by $1.7 million because of inflation and supply chain issues.

The second phase involves making each floor of the two-story, 154-year-old brick building at 43 Main St. wheelchair accessible with the installation of an elevator and a new entryway. The building used to house the Town Hall office, library and Town Meeting spaces.

When plans were first established in 2018, the price tag for the project was $6.9 million, but five years later has increased to $8.6 million. After speaking with the project’s architect, Kuhn Riddle Architects of Amherst, Burns Maxey, president of CitySpace, said they were able to make the overall project more feasible by splitting it up into three phases.