November 8, 2023

KRA Welcomes Project Designer Salabat Khan

Kuhn Riddle Architects recently welcomed Salabat Khan to its architectural team. Khan’s architectural interests began at MEASI Academy of Architecture in Chennai, India, where he acquired a strong foundation in design principles and cultivated his love for innovation. He completed his master of architecture degree at UMass Amherst in 2023.

Khan’s approach to architecture is human-centric: he most enjoys creating designs that enhance the user’s quality of life and sense of belonging. His work is focused as well on contextual integration into the historic, cultural, and natural environment surrounding any project. Kuhn Riddle’s leadership noted that his collaborative design philosophy and appreciation of diverse perspectives integrates perfectly with that of the firm.

Khan likes to travel, noting that it “fuels my creativity and reminds me of the diversity and wonder the world offers. It enriches my approach to design with a global perspective.” When not sketching or designing, he explores the outdoors and nurtures his love of animals by volunteering locally at several shelters.

KRA was recently awarded the prestigious Emerging Professionals Friendly designation from the American Institute of Architects. This award recognizes supporting emerging architects like Khan on their journey to registration and ultimate success in the architectural field.

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