July 18, 2011

The Next Generation

The UMASS Pre-College Summer Design Academy is open to students who have completed 8th grade through 12th grade and who are interested in design.  Working with practicing architects and UMASS faculty, they spend time designing furniture, rooms, buildings, and landscapes with a focus on the elements that are common to all design projects: space, light, structure, scale and site.

Last week, we were pleased to host them in our office as part of their Pre-Professional component in which students learn about applying to design programs for college, visit a construction site and an architect’s office, and find out how to put together a portfolio of their work. KRA’s Aelan Tierney discussed how she became an architect and what it is that we do all day. KRA’s Elizabeth Morgan showed the students around our office, a former movie theater that once served as stables for Amherst College.

Join them (and us!) on Facebook to see what students have been creating.