June 26, 2015

Why Hire a Professional Designer

Why hire a professional designer?

Because good design matters! Building or renovating your home can be one of the largest investments in your lifetime, so don’t you want it to be the design that fits you best? As architects and interior designers, our aim is to help you realize your vision through good design. We listen to you, we take budgets seriously, and we know about the latest building technologies and materials. Our goal is to develop a design that embodies your vision, meets your budget and is environmentally sustainable.

Good design, like poetry or a song, weaves a building together with patterns, structure, material, light, color and views. Building forms nestle into landscapes and reach out towards views; spaces flow into each other in logical ways; transitions between the interior and exterior are seamless. When you are in a space that is well designed you will feel good. Your spirits will rise, and you may even start to hum as if you are listening to a good song.

Sound expensive? Good design does not need to be expensive or complicated; in fact, some of the most beautiful designs are simple and small. The cost of hiring an architect or interior designer is a relatively low share of the overall cost of building, and the levels of service architects and interior designers can provide vary from project to project.  Our value in the process is creating beauty, vision, knowledge and ideas.  With open communication between a client and a professional designer, the possibility exists for something magical to happen that neither would necessarily have considered on his or her own. 

Designing your home should be fun, engaging, and even exciting. We thrive on the creative process with our clients; it’s why we love what we do. There is nothing more satisfying than a client walking into their completed home and stating, “This is exactly what I wanted and more. I love it!” You are going to make a significant investment in your home; hire a professional designer, whether it is an architect or interior designer, and build your dream!