Gabrielle Goralczyk, Assoc. AIA

Project Designer


Gabrielle’s connection to the built environment is in her blood. She grew up watching her father, a construction superintendent in Montgomery, MA, draw and print up building plans in the family’s garage, and always expected she’d follow in his footsteps in some way.

Gabrielle worked with a local construction company for four years while she attended UMass Amherst, earning her B.S. in Architecture with a Minor in Building Construction Technology (2021), and graduating a semester early. While at Umass she was the President of the Architecture Department’s student chapter of Women In Architecture.

Gabrielle has been with Kuhn Riddle since 2021. She thoroughly enjoys the intricate and creative elements of the design process, taking a project from the programming phase of knitting required spaces and functions into a building envelope, through construction — turning the client’s and her own dreams into a functional reality. She has a deep commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability in construction. She loves to design spaces that are built for their specific surroundings, joining environment and architecture together.

Gabrielle recently bought a house, and is engaged in creating and working on her own living space. She was brought up in the hills of Massachusetts, and is always finding her way back through photography, travel and hiking. She plans to continue her education by earning her Masters of Architecture by 2024.