79 South Pleasant at Amherst College

Amherst, Massachusetts

Project Description

79 South Pleasant explores how a building can exist as both historic and modern. Through context-inspired materiality and juxtaposition of form, material, and texture, the project carefully establishes relationships between multiple contexts: campus and downtown, old and new, traditional and modern.

Interior Design

The interior design concept for 79 South Pleasant Street at Amherst College joins historic with modern, the two referencing each other through materiality, texture, and common-built form. For example, the original building’s stone is exposed on the interior, the adjacent wood paneling in the addition mirroring the stone coursing. The flooring materials are modern – cork, rubber, and carpet tile planks – yet they reference the historic textures in their patterning.

Project Details

Aquadro & Cerruti
Joshua Sugiyama
2014 WMAIA + WMBSLA Honor Award

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