Hampshire College – The Ken Burns Wing

Amherst, Massachusetts

Project Description

New 6,700-square-foot addition to the Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography and Video – a part of the Arts Complex at Hampshire College.

Sustainable Features

  • Received LEED Gold from the USGBC
  • High Performance Building Envelope:
    • Sidewall R-Factor: 31
    • Roof R-Factor – 36 (continuous)
    • Low-E Argon-filled insulating glass and thermally broken windows.
    • Continuous air barrier.
  • Passive heating through south glazing.
  • Efficient HVAC systems with CO2-sensing demand-controlled ventilation and energy recovery, making maximum use of free cooling from outside air.
  • 4.6 KW photovoltaic array
  • Efficient lighting with occupancy and daylight sensing
  • Extensive use of recycled products in steel, wall framing, reinforcing bar, concrete and insulation
  • Low or zero-VOC paints, sealants and adhesives; Zero-formaldehyde wood panel products
  • Woodwork supplied from logging operations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

Interior Design

Interior Design for the Ken Burns Wing of the Jerome Liebling Center included selection of interior finishes, furnishings, and lighting. Since it is a LEED registered project, special care was taken in making these selections to ensure that products were low in VOCs and that lighting was as efficient as possible. Post-construction graphic design services were also provided.

Project Details

2010 Finalist Award, Western Massachusetts AIA; LEED Gold
Thayer Street Associates
Ned Gray

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