Hinckley Trace Duplex Condominiums

Northampton, Massachusetts

The Hinckley Trace Project is a unique development in the older established neighborhood of Florence in Northampton, MA. It is in the spirit of Northampton’s sustainable master plan which encourages densification in urban areas to relieve development pressures on outlying rural districts.

The project consists of affordable market-rate housing in four similar duplexes of two and three-bedroom units.

The site is developed along two axes. Along the north-south axis is a common green space that includes a central playground bordered by four townhouse buildings. The east-west axis is a path that runs from the community building through the central playground and community gardens, and connects with the existing nature trail on site. The site is unified by a loop road which connects both axes.

The Owner’s main objective was to create an environment conducive to health, wellness, and a sense of community. Creating a balance between individual private spaces and common community spaces was important in developing both a sense of ownership and community.

Builder: Wright Builders