Northeast Veterans Trauma Rehabilitation Center

Gardner, Massachusetts

Project Description

A collaboration between Veteran Homestead, Inc. and Mount Wachusett Community College to provide a healthy environment for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The LEED Gold project includes a Therapy Building with a pool, massage, physical therapy and meeting rooms, as well as 10 duplexes for veterans and their families. Twenty eight geothermal wells provide heat and hot water, and 8,364 square feet of PV panels provide electricity.

Interior Design

The Northeast Veterans Trauma Rehabilitation Center is above all a soothing space designed to create an environment in which veterans can heal after going through incredibly traumatic experiences. Softly curving walls, interior greenery, and an abundance of natural light all add to the sense of tranquility and health that permeates the interiors. The colors used in the space, all selected to be perceived as soothing and bright, reinforce this atmosphere.

Project Details

Baybutt Construction

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